8th Intellectual Property and Competition Forum

20 & 21 June 2023

Join, debate and have a great time at OxView’s 8th IP and Competition Forum, to be held on June 20 & 21 2023 in Brussels. 2023 is characterized by the congruence of a host of ground breaking changes. As the Unified Patent Court has finally come into place, the global competition for patent cases continues to grow. Economic relations between Europe, the USA and Asia keep overshadowing the dynamics in intellectual property and competition law. In the Post-Covid era international competition is more fierce than ever. Topics will include:

  • Litigation Strategy and the Unified Patent Court
  • Recent Case Law and its implications for licensing
  • FRAND and Standard Essential Patents

Key actors from the judiciary, policy circles, private sector and academia have already expressed their interest.


A fascinating exchange between experts from different jurisdictions and specialities at a critical juncture in the development of standards necessary to achieve the interoperability of “things”.
Mark Powell
White & Chase
I most enjoyed the balance between competing views, or rather different views from all points of the spectrum. I also appreciated that the discussions remained polite and to the point.
Dr. Roderick McConnell
Patent Counsel, Continental Automotive
You’ve successfully managed a terrific event that was entirely virtual. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and of course will be back.
Jeffrey Blumenfeld
Partner. Lowenstein Sandler